Local Search
20 November 2018

5 Ways to Boost Local Search

Getting business these days means that you need to rank well on search engines. But if you’re a small company, a startup, or just lagging behind your competitors in the marketing budget, you’re going to struggle. Companies with more...

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13 November 2018

Is Drupal The Content Management System For You?

When it comes to Content Management Systems, WordPress is the usual go-to. WordPress is used by nearly a third of all sites hosted on the web. WordPress is also quick to install, and is a lot easier to use,...

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Social Media Brand
06 November 2018

Developing a Strong Social Media Brand

For a lot of people, social media is a gateway to interacting with friends, family and total strangers. However, you’ll occasionally find that some of your contacts follow a social media brand or two. Some of the most popular...

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E-commerce Website Design
30 October 2018

E-commerce Websites and Building Trust

So you’re got yourself an E-commerce website (or you’re thinking about making one). Congratulations! However, simply having your site rank well and have an online presence isn’t going to make potential customers line up to crash the servers in...

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Social Media Management
23 October 2018

The Basics Of Social Media Management

When you put it as simply as possible, social media management is all about keeping your social media channels running with content that people find engaging. But if you want your social media to reap dividends, you need to...

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Mobile Website
16 October 2018

Why You Need a Mobile Website In 2018

No matter where you go, you’ll find that the vast majority of people have a smartphone. Whether it’s an old hand-me-down model or the latest offerings from Apple or Samsung, everybody uses their phones for everyday tasks: setting alarms...

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Local Search
09 October 2018

So Last Season – Outdated SEO Trends You Should Ditch

There’s a careful balance you have to maintain when optimising your site for search engines. We all know some of the more egregious practices that have been stamped out – keyword stuffing to the point where it makes the...

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Stop Traffic Signs
02 October 2018

Iconography in Web Design

In your daily life, you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of icons. You’ll see them in your car, bus or other form of transportation. You’ll see them in the supermarket, on all your food packaging to signify if they’re...

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25 September 2018

Is Social Media Engagement Important?

One of our priorities at Chetaru is making sure that our social media streams are not only producing great content, but also engaging with users who interact with those posts. If you’re new to social media, you may be...

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