06 November 2018

Developing a Strong Social Media Brand

For a lot of people, social media is a gateway to interacting with friends, family and total strangers. However, you’ll occasionally find that some of your contacts follow a social media brand or two. Some of the most popular brands on Facebook and Twitter happen to be corporate accounts representing a certain brand: food and drink brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks,  to tech brands like Razer and Nvidia.

How have they managed to tap into that follower base? How have they created a social media brand so strong? It’s time to have a look at method used by these brands to make their social media presence so strong.

Create a Consistent Visual Style

Brands like Coca-Cola are immediately recognisable to the layperson: red and white, and its old-fashioned font. It’s this familiarity that makes their brand so noticeable on social media. While it’s hard to replicate that familiarity if you’re a small company, designing a unique and consistent visual style is a prerequisite to getting a popular social media brand. This means using striking or vibrant colours, creating a sleek logo that fits onto the avatar image, and using stylistically similar filters on image sites like Instagram.

Create a Unique Tone of Voice

Developing a social media brand worth people’s interest involves creating a unique tone of voice. For customer-facing brands like Coca-Cola, it’s all about fun times and celebration. For tech brands like Nvidia, showing off your tech and how it’s used around the world.

It’s really important to avoid sounding like a robot on social media. Make sure every post is imbued with life and personality if you want a strong social media brand.

Post Consistently and Regularly

One thing that’ll turn off followers pretty quickly is if your social media feed is quiet. Posting regularly will keep your users interested and engaged, so long as you also post consistently. Keeping your post topics consistent means that people won’t get thrown off by seemingly random posts, allowing you to also keep your tone of voice consistent.

While developing a strong social media brand can seem difficult, there’s some basic guidelines that you should always follow before you take on social media. Chetaru is tech and digital marketing firm that provides powerful and unique solutions to any company’s tech needs.

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