Darlington-based design agency Chetaru have sights on Europe amid the uncertainty of Brexit negotiations. The business has been trading for a year from Business Central in Darlington and has grown significantly in that time. A client of Chetaru found the company compelling and has now taken to expanding it to a German market. Herbert Broens in Bielefeld has seen the potential of this Darlington business and taken it into the lucrative German web design and digital marketing industry. The German ICT (Information and Communications Technology) market was worth €99 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow.

This is an exciting move for a Darlington business that is looking to expand as demand for its services continues globally. Chetaru see this expansion as the first step in a plan that will see greater ties with Europe no matter what the outcome of Brexit negotiations. It shows the North East and the rest of the country that trade can still happen with the uncertainty that exists while the two-year negotiations with the EU are being conducted by politicians. Businesses large and small have to develop their links in the meantime.

The expansion proves that the North East can lead the way in this area. Oliver Randall, Director of Chetaru says, “Herbert opening up Germany for us is very exciting as it has been a leading force within the economy in Europe for as long as I can remember, and to do this after all the commotion around Brexit is even more fulfilling. As a company, we have developed models making it easy to expand into other countries and develop teams supporting growth in the local economy, we are doing all this planning and management from Darlington in the North East of England and it is very exciting.”

The future looks bright for the company as their expansion into Germany will open up a new market. Herbert Broens is equally excited, “I started as a client of Chetaru and after seeing how efficient the service was, time, money and quality. The model for Chetaru with a production team in India, bringing high quality I.T. as well as lower costs, coupled with project management from the UK and content teams based in the local market is very exciting, particularly in Germany where I was only able to find one company doing something similar. Needless to say, I recognised the potential very quickly.” Recently established Germany Director for Chetaru, Dr. Herbert Broens brings an extensive and prominent career in finance particularly with a certain Pharmaceutical giant.

This looks to be a great fit and the company can go from strength to strength in the UK and German markets while looking to continue their current growth.

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