Perhaps it’s time to expand your business, or you just want to expose more people to your company. A lot of companies these days are looking to craft their own app, with the smartphone boom providing a lot of exposure to companies that would otherwise be ignored. People have this misconception that apps are only for large or rich firms, but the prices have gone down for these apps to the point where they’re competitive and within range of a small-to-medium sized business. So why should your business get one?

Stand Out in The Crowd

Despite how common smartphones and tablets are, Apps are surprisingly uncommon among businesses: less than a quarter of businesses in the United States have an App, but nearly half of businesses are planning to produce their own App by the end of 2017.

The reason for this is obvious. Having your name on the App Store/Google Play Store means you instantly have an audience every time they open their store app. Even if they don’t use that app too often, people will remember the name. And even if they don’t think they want your app at the time, you’ll still stand out from companies that haven’t developed their own app.

Make Buying Much Easier

Most business make an App to make purchasing whatever they sell easier than on the computer or at the store. Having a storefront in your pocket makes spending a lot easier, as well as coaxing the more impulsive to buy due to the convenience. If you sell a lot of popular items, this can easily make up the costs of developing an app.

Offer Customers a Service Not Possible Anywhere Else

Mobile websites are helpful for those just finding you out for the first time, but apps are where you can build a dedicated customer base who know all the goings-on at your business. Apps can send notifications directly to app users, alerting them of company changes, discounts, whatever the sender desires. Notifications are also engaged with far more often than emails, with 40% of users looking and interacting with the notification.

Build A Recognisable Brand

An app is a brilliant way to develop a company brand that can be recognised by customers. It can be whatever you want it to be: professional, provocative, powerful. If it catches the eye, it’s done the job. Building a brand tends to attract more customers who like to shop at established brands.

Create real incentives to use your service

Building on the customer service section described earlier, the notification system isn’t the only way to give incentives to customers. Replacing the old Nectar card system with a more efficient system on an App will give customers more of a reason to use them, since the customer loyalty rewards are always there on the App they might use every day.

In conclusion, the App is rising to the forefront of company growth strategies and it isn’t hard to see why. For a significant investment, it’s capable of making it all back if you can get it to work for you. Chetaru offers App development services to companies in the UK, see if we’re the right developers for you!

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