28 September 2017

The Advantages of a Professionally Designed Website

Companies that are seeking a powerful online presence and a conversion platform for sales need to have a well-built website, and hopefully you already have one. It could be a simple WordPress page designed by a friend or yourself if you know how to use HTML, use a website builder like Adobe Dreamweaver, or have a professional handle it, building the website themselves and maintaining it with your input. Here’s some reasons why a professionally-designed website can be a better choice than a DIY Website.

Time Spent

On the surface, building a website yourself or getting a friend to do it can be a good short-term compromise. Professional website development can be expensive, and there’s the possibility that development can be slow when you need a working website now. But whatever short term benefits there are to building it yourself, you’ll find that learning how to make websites yourself takes months, months that could be better spent running the company. When you work with a professional web design company, the time you spend in email correspondence, approving designs and testing the final product will take you far less time.

Website Maintenance and Content Management

Then there’s the problem of maintenance. A decent web developer will use some kind of CMS integrated into the website to make day-to-day site maintenance simple, and any needed overhauls can be quickly implemented without knocking the website offline. At the end of the day, you need to be an expert when you’re programming and maintaining your own website, and that’s precisely why professional web development agencies like us exist. The consequences of knocking your website offline for more than a few hours can be disastrous, and it can be hard to fix without professional assistance. A good professional web design company will act within minutes of bringing up any serious problems with the website.

Security and Miscellaneous Aspects

Other factors that you need to deal with when making your own website is figuring out where it’ll be hosted, setting up email addresses and patching security flaws. Security in particular is a major concern on E-commerce websites, due to the possibility of stolen identity and financial information. DIY websites that use basic E-Commerce plugins are frequently left un-upgraded, leaving them vulnerable to exploits patched out of newer versions, whereas professional website designers make sure that the websites they are responsible for are updated frequently to avoid security problems.

There’s a whole bunch of other parts of website design that need to be taken account of: SEO, browser compatibility, responsive design, interface design and so on are all problems that will hold you back from running your company. So who can do it for you?

Companies like us, Chetaru. Since 2010, our team in India, headquartered in the UK has provided cost-efficient web solutions for a variety of companies around the world. Take a look at our numerous case studies of our client’s websites and see how we can build a beautiful, unique and functional website just for you.

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