Website design tends to go through phases. From basic HTML text websites of the 90s to Web 2.0 of the early 2000s, to the use of Flash and other plugins and HTML5 now, website design always has a different look to it; even in the space of a few years, sites can become outdated. For obvious reasons, if your site looks old it may also have bigger problems – limited compatibility with certain web browsers or devices, outdated security measures, dead links and maybe even the risk of getting hacked.

Not only that, but if you sell products or services, your website is likely the first place that prospective customers will visit. If it looks like a website from 10 years ago, it might make these customers leave. Keeping your website up to date not only keeps it secure, it helps you sell your brand. With that in mind, here are 5 signs that your website needs overhauling.

1. Mobile Compatibility

Compatibility on mobile devices has become essential for business websites as smartphones become more and more popular. Ensuring your website works on mobile devices means that you won’t drive away over half of your prospective customers: as of November 2016, mobile browsing has overtaken desktop computing.

2. Inclusion of Social Media

Social Media is a vital tool in marketing your company, and one of its best features is its ability to promote website content via sharing. Adding social media buttons to your site allows visitors to share your content easily over the vast expanse of social media.

3. Adding new features and content

Sometimes a simple website with contact information will suffice for a business, but a lot of businesses will add features like blog sections, forums, live chat, ecommerce functionality and so on. The problem is that you need plugins and new code to implement these, which may only be achieved through a complete overhaul. You may also need to remove older plugins that have become security liabilities or obsolete, such as Java or Flash.

4. Improving Usability

Some sites end up becoming an end-user nightmare, sometimes due to obsolete coding which breaks menus and links, but also due to a lack of usability improvements that have become standard over the years. It can also just be hard to find what you actually want from the main page. A page overhaul can mean a complete redesign of how a user navigates the site, making it quicker and easier.

5. Updating Your Branding And Content

A proactive business owner will always be trying to invent and cultivate a powerful brand that attracts customers and inspires confidence in company backers. Updating your website to fit your current company branding and ethos is extremely important to ensure consistency across the many methods of contact your company uses.

When you make a website, realising that it needs to be updated or fully rebuilt can take some businesses a long time to figure out. For those looking for a fresh new website or a sleek redesign, Mobile App design companies like Chetaru are here to help. Check out our work here and see if our services are good for you.

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