15 May 2017

Website Maintenance for Dummies

When you finally get your hands on a fully functional website, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there’s no point keeping some developers around: surely, in today’s age of WordPress web development, that adding pages and blogs doesn’t require much technical knowledge. That might be true, but eventually your…
15 May 2017

Has SEO Had Its Day?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has been constantly evolving to meet the needs of search engines as they implement new algorithms, ranking systems and rules for websites to follow. As a result, hysterical ranting about the ‘End of SEO’ comes about and vanishes every couple of years. What Google and…
2 May 2017

A Brief History of Computers

Although computers are still a relatively new invention, they have come to be the most radical concepts created after the Industrial Revolution. Although computing has its basis in ancient methods of calculation, such as abacuses and poorly understood artefacts such as the Antikythera Mechanism, what we consider to be a…
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26 Apr 2017

The Current State of Net Neutrality

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, net neutrality has been commonly debated around the world. But what is net neutrality? The basic idea around net neutrality is that a hypothetical internet user should be able to visit any (legal) site or access information…
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21 Apr 2017

Is your website a hindrance to your business?

Most business owners would argue that having a website is beneficial for brand awareness, selling products and building new customer relationships. But there’s also the fact that websites are only as good as how well-designed they are. You have probably come across some truly horrendous-looking websites in your time using…
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11 Apr 2017

A Brief History of Apple Inc

Apple was founded in 1976 by three men: Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Apple back then was just a garage in California, created with the intention of selling their Apple 1 Personal Computer, hand built by Wozniak. The Apple 1 barely qualified as a finished product, lacking any…
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