App Support

App Support

In order to successfully maintain a mobile app, it takes a lot of experience, vision and skill. Chetaru are able to successfully manage your mobile app by ensuring that your customers requirements are always exceeded and the terms of your maintenance agreement are always met.

What app maintenance and support services do we offer?

At Chetaru, we have a team of experts who are highly skilled in the latest technologies. We are experienced in enhancing mobile apps with regards to things such as user experience or perhaps even ways that the apps operational life can be extended. We are capable of maintaining and improving your mobile app, regardless of which platform it resides on.

App Support Chetaru


  • Monitoring of servers
  • Providing automatic backups
  • Monitoring app crashes
  • Monitoring analytics
  • Monitoring feedback
  • Monitoring security reviews
  • Reviewing updates necessary for devices or operating systems
  • Reviews of third party integration updates
  • Review of usability
  • Monitoring performance
  • Monitoring and managing app store
  • Monitoring renewal
  • Monitoring third party payments and hosting
  • Version control and managing source code repositories
  • Managing knowledge

App Support

  • Customer query resolution
  • Deployment of apps to stores
  • Providing training courses
  • Creation of complex systems for large corporations
App Monitoring


  • Optimizing mobile app performance
  • Deprecated code refactoring
  • Correction of errors
  • Improvements to user interface
  • Review upgrades necessary for new developments in devices and operating systems
  • Refining acceptable functions
  • Modification of apps day to day function and system
  • Support at operational level
  • Additions and upgrades of a major nature
  • Support of new libraries
  • Migration of data models between upgrades

New features, maintenance and enhancement

  • Extension of features
  • Modification of backend servers and script migration
  • Management and release plan
  • Enhancement of performance
  • Major, minor and incremental enhancements
  • Enhancement of usability
  • Enhancement of security
  • Continual testing
  • Porting of apps
Mobile Application Support Chetaru

What model does Chetaru provide for maintaining and supporting mobile apps?

We offer a support model that is versatile and can range from fixing bugs right through to scaling of your application. By maintaining your mobile application, your app becomes better maintained, more productive which may ultimately drive improvements in your bottom line.

Annual maintenance. We can offer an annual maintenance contract which covers areas such as technical support, bug fixing, maintenance and version upgrades, regardless of whether they are minor or major.

Full or part time support. We can provide dedicated staff on either a full or part time basis to cover all aspects of your apps maintenance. For example monitoring, upgrades or enhancements.

Scope based maintenance. Initially, clients define the level of scope they would like to achieve. Then Chetaru will work on achieving this based on either an hourly or fixed cost.

Mobile App Support

Why do I need an app maintenance and enhancement service in the first place?

Think of how damaging it could be for your business if your mobile app experienced downtime and your customers were unable to engage fully with your business. Make sure that this never happens by arranging a maintenance and enhancement service with Chetaru. By having a strong and reliable mobile app maintenance contract, you can ensure you are retaining your customers and staying one step ahead of your competition. We have a dedicated team of app maintenance technicians who can always be on hand to check and resolve issues if they were ever to occur.

Why should I choose chetaru for my app maintenance and enhancement?

Chetaru have a dedicated team for your app maintenance and enhancement. So why risk the potential issues you may face with other businesses when you can rely on us for a consistent and reliable service? You may have considered using other companies, developers and freelancers, however, there are often numerous issues in doing so. For example:

You could hire the support services from an android or iOS developer as part of a development and maintenance service. However, can they offer a cost effective solution? Or do you need to hire someone full time?
You could use your own development team. However, they will most likely be busy.
It is also possible to hire a freelancer. However, they tend to charge more for app development

App Support Services Chetaru

Chetaru takes the burden off. We are able to provide maintenance and technical support on a regular basis for your mobile app. We have a dedicated team based in India and as such, can provide support at multiple levels.

Highly experienced. We have many years experience in developing many applications and have a dedicated team of in house developers who are able to work across a range of platforms.

Research based. We believe that in order to properly maintain a mobile app, it is important for a team to have sufficient knowledge in the latest advancements in mobile applications. And as such, we are able to apply this to clients projects.

Affordability. We are able to offer affordable pricing because we are based in India. As such, we are much cheaper than what it would cost to hire a full time in house developer.

Flexibility. We offer a range of app maintenance and support services so are bound to able to help you in some way.

Proactive. Our experienced development team can spot issues and rectify them before they become more of a major issue.

Quick service. Our business is equipped with both the necessary resources and staff who can quickly respond to any requirements or issues you may be experiencing.

Mobile Application Support Chetaru

What process do we use to help maintain your mobile app?

Helping to maintain a mobile application is no easy feat. It is a big undertaking that can be resource intensive. By outsourcing your app maintenance to Chetaru, you can free up your development team to carry out other tasks. We have developed an in house process which allows us to capture, report and resolve a range of maintenance issues. The process we typically follow is as follows:

  • Create agreement between us and client
  • Begin knowledge transfer
  • Review existing code and existing setup of environment
  • Begin coding
  • Validate and verify
  • Release
  • Continually improve and review
Application Maintenance and Support Services

Frequently asked questions

Why should I invest in a maintenance contract for a mobile app in the first place?

Development of mobile apps is totally different to traditional web development. One reason for this is that developments within this area are normally much faster paced due to bigger progress compared to desktop or web applications. Specifically, because of quick progression caused by major companies such as Apple and Google. Changes to mobile platforms that are fairly common include:

  • Releases of new hardware
  • Changes to frameworks
  • Changes to programming languages
  • Changes to user experience trends
  • Changes to libraries and conditions
  • Changes to type of client accessing application
  • Changes to security

If you do not invest in the above, your app will quickly become overtaken by your competitors. And on a critical note, basic adjustments to things such as security may mean that your app quickly becomes obsolete.

App Support FAQ

How much does a maintenance contract cost for a mobile app?

The total cost can vary depending on the level of maintenance required. However as a guideline, it is usually 15-20% of the total development costs.

Why is app maintenance beneficial?

  • Reduced costs
  • Higher return on investment
  • Improved performance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Scalability for global use
  • Enablement of demand flexibility

What process do we follow when conducting app maintenance?

  • Problem analysis
  • Monitoring of performance and testing
  • Maintenance and support
Mobile Application Support
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