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The way that customers are engaging with brands is changing. And one such method that is driving this is the rise in the use of mobile apps.

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Nearly 90% of today’s customers use a smartphone. And make use of mobile apps to make their work much easier. It is true to say that the Android market is booming. When choosing an Android app development company, it is necessary to choose one 100% committed to client requirements. Here at Chetaru, we have a highly skilled and experienced team that work closely with you to understand your exact needs. And develop an application that you and your business can be truly proud of.

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Experienced Android app development company

  • We employ only highly skilled and experienced staff. And are totally up to date with the latest android development techniques. Which we use regularly for global clients.
  • Highest quality standards. Chetaru continuously test their custom android apps. Allowing the quick discovery and fixing of bugs. Ensuring only the best final product for our customers.
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  • In house experts in android app development. We employ a team of experienced app designers that use the most up to date technologies and deliver a robust solution. Putting the clients mind completely at peace
  • Forefront of affordability. We truly understand the value of your investment and the potential impact it could have on your business. As such, we back up our products with a warranty. To provide total client peace of mind
  • Management of backend architecture. Our experienced team is able to manage the backend of the app. In addition to any other ongoing maintenance
  • Ultimate in interactivity. Our team are able to design and develop Android apps that are highly interactive and fully focussed around the user experience
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What are the benefits of developing an Android Mobile App for my business?

Able to reach a global audience. Android apps are an effective way to reach a worldwide audience. It is true to say that the android platform dominates most of the market. As such, if you choose to develop your app on the Android platform, you will potentially reach the largest audience possible. Because you will be able to reach a certain type of customer, but not restrict this to geographic region. An Android app allows you to access your audiences much more easily. Regardless of the type of audience you hope to reach or the type of industry you are in. Our Android app team will work with you with the specific aim to reach the global market. Whilst also taking into consideration the original goals and purpose of your company.

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Making the app as fully accessible as possible. There are many devices that use the Android operating system. Moreover, sources such as the Apple App Store and Google Play are common sources for android app downloads. If you want the widest exposure possible of your Android app, it is necessary to place it in as many stores as possible. And make it as compatible with as many devices as possible. E.g. ensuring the widest possible compatibility with factors such as screen size and software. Getting a mobile app to function properly over many devices can be a nightmare. To ensure that your android app is best optimised for your android operating system, our team work tirelessly in order to make this happen.

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Are there any other benefits to developing an Android Mobile App for my company?

Putting quality assurance in the centre of the app. Rigorous testing and maintenance of an android app is the only way to make sure it will work over a range of devices. To ensure that it works for each and every member of your audience. It is important to quickly and thoroughly fix issues as they arise. Our team can work with you on a regular basis to ensure your app is maintained on a regular basis. Your position in the Android app market can only be maintained by maintaining both the functionality and performance of your Android app. Allowing you to keep ahead of industry trends as well.

Android Apps Designers

Because the Android platform is open source, it allows developers a lot of flexibility in the types of apps that can be developed. Moreover, applications can be greatly customised to fully fit the requirements of your business. It may also be possible to integrate your app into other digital marketing channels. All of our Android developers at our agency are greatly experienced in building Android apps. As such, they are able to build apps that are able to fully reflect your business and also meet the needs of your audience.