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We conceptualise, design, and develop engaging apps that your target audience will enjoy using every time they open their phone. Our mobile app development service can help you increase brand engagement, promote customer loyalty, and improve overall brand recognition. We have been providing businesses with meaningful, innovative, and customised iOS, Android, and web app development solutions for years and have the experience that you need.

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Leading Mobile App Developers

Passionate about every aspect of app design, our team has the creative and technical skills needed to develop apps packed full of exciting features. With our years of experience, our in-house team of mobile application developers have become leading experts in the UK and understand the ins and outs of both iOS app and Android app development. We deliver high-quality iOS, Android, and other web app development services to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re seeking to create a unique app for your brand or have an app idea that you want to bring to life, the mobile app development team at Chetaru is on hand to help at every step. All of the apps that we create are high-performing, feature-packed, and digitally transformative helping you to attain your wider business goals.

We assist different businesses operating across all types of industries including banking, healthcare, finance, real estate, and entertainment. Our goal is to build innovative apps based on the needs of our client’s business and we do everything we can at every step to deliver only the best end product.

Customer Convenient App Design

Why Mobile Apps Are Important For Business

As the number of people accessing the online world increases across mobile phones, having an app is a fool-proof way to access a large number of potential customers. For users, mobile apps can bring about a more convenient way of engaging with and purchasing from your business, thanks to the portability of a mobile phone device. For you, the business owner, apps bring many benefits including reduced marketing costs overall thanks to the intuitive features that apps can feature.

Even if your business is succeeding, an app can generate additional sales allowing you to charge customers for using it and through encouraging repeat purchasing via loyalty schemes. The team at Chetaru understands how to build the best app to represent your brand for improved communication with your customers and a boost in business.

In today’s digital era, don’t run the risk of missing out on a pool of mobile phone users. Choose our expert app development services and see real-time results, boost sales, and make marketing easy. Mobile apps guarantee ROI and allow you to stay in full control of your customer relationship for better retention too.

Benefit Your Business With An intuitive Mobile App

No matter the size of your business or the industry you’re operating in, a mobile app can bring about an abundance of benefits. Mobile apps can help your business grow, increase brand recognition, and improve communication between you and your customers. Here are just some of the ways in which you can benefit from an intuitive mobile app development service with Chetaru:

Increase customer engagement

With an innovative app, customers will be able to buy your services or products whenever they want to conveniently. Eliminate the risk of losing out on customers with a mobile app that clearly displays all that your business has to offer while enabling customers to reach your business when needed.

Stand out from competitors

In today’s digital world it’s extremely crucial to stand out from the competition. The internet is flooded with millions of websites and an app can help you to stand out. By taking advantage of the effective marketing tool, customers will come to recognise your brand for its app icon and know that they can see and buy your services and products with the click of a button.

Increase customer loyalty

You can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases with a mobile app. Loyalty can be enhanced through schemes that encourage repeat purchasing, marketing, and more. The options are endless when you have an intuitive app that delivers a clear message to your customers and potential customers.

Boost brand recognition

It can be difficult to ensure that your business stands out amongst competition and even more difficult to build a recognisable brand that customers love. With an app, customer engagement is boosted and logos are seen more often. This results in a brand that is boosted and recognised by a wider audience.

Our Innovative App Development Services

With Chetaru you won’t just receive a standard app development service. Instead, we work meticulously to ensure a bespoke end product designed specifically for your brand and business requirements. We do this by following a process that includes important steps to getting it right. Here are the different types of innovative app services that we offer:

Android App Development

Android apps are used by millions across the globe with the number ever-increasing. To meet the expectations of modern consumers, businesses are turning to develop apps for quick

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iOS App Development

To mirror the flawless iPhone experience, iOS apps should also be flawless. Our iOS team can meet and exceed those expectations by developing cutting edge apps with exceptional UI/UX and innovative features.

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Our End-To-End App Development Process

At Chetaru we follow structured app development processes to ensure the best end product is delivered to you. Each step of the process is in place to eliminate any gaps and to meet our client’s expectations. Heres’ the steps that we include:

  • Informed Mobile App Development


    We always start any service at Chetaru with an interview so that we can gain a clear understanding of your specific requirements. Recognising that no two businesses are the same, we gather all the information we need to know including market competition and your budget.

  • darlington-mobile-app-developer

    Client initiation documentation

    Once we’ve discussed your requirements alongside other information, we create a client initiation document that outlines the details of the app development project.

  • Wireframe Conceptualise App Design


    Based on your requirements and other details, we start creating a wireframe of your app. A wireframe defines the flow and functionality of an app.

  • conceptualise-app-design-north-east-uk

    UI/UX Design

    Once the wireframe has been finalised, our designers work on app UI/UX. We use the latest app design trends and tools including Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and Sketch to design an engaging and intuitive user experience.

  • Fully Featured Application Development

    App Development

    After we’ve perfected the UI/UX design step, we move on to the app development phase. Our experienced iOS and Android app developers will achieve all the set milestones and build a feature-rich, engaging app as per your expectations.

  • Flawless Mobile App Development UK

    Q/A Testing

    Before launching we rigorously test your app using different methods to ensure that it works flawlessly. We perform a function and non-functional testing on your app to cover all aspects for complete peace of mind.

  • App Design Company In Darlington

    App Launch

    Our next step is to help you launch your new app on Appstore and Play Store. We launch your app by completing all the requirements and policies of the Play Store and Appstore. We work across all of the factors that make up your app including the app’s description, keywords, launch icon, the app’s title, and screenshots for a streamlined app launch. Once the app has been launched we also provide you with support and maintenance service for a specified period.

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Let Chetaru Help Your Business To Succeed

Whether you wish to start a mobile app from scratch or want us to bring your idea to life with our creative and technical skills, we’re available to help your business today. Fill in our form for a free quote on your app development project

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FAQs About Our App Development Services


How much will it cost to build my mobile app?

The cost of developing your app will depend on various factors including the type of app, its complexity, the development platform, the number of features you want, and more. You can fill out our form to receive a cost estimation.


How long will it take to build my app?

The time to build an app depends entirely on the complexity of the app, its platform, desired features, and functionality to name a few. Once we gather all the required details we can move on to developing your app and ensure that the deadline you set is met.


Why should I choose Chetaru for mobile app development?

Chetaru’s app development team doesn’t only boast experience but we have a number of attributes that set us apart. We are one of the leading mobile app development companies in the UK. Here’s what we can offer you:

  • International standards
  • Talented iOS and Android developers
  • In-depth knowledge of app development technologies and launching processes
  • Agile development processes
  • Seamless support and ongoing maintenance
  • A client-centric and human approach
  • Familiarity and experience with all type of apps

Do you provide maintenance and support once you’ve developed a mobile app?

Yes, we do provide free support and maintenance for a specific time after the app is launched. Once the period is over, we offer paid support services at affordable prices to carry on helping our clients where they need it most.


What technologies does the team at Chetaru use?

Android App Development:

Programming language: Java
IDE: Android Studio
Database: SQLite
Tools: Android NDK, Android SDK

iOS development:

Language: Objective C, Swift
IDE: XCode
Database: SQLite

Backend Development:

Languages: PHP


Do you sign an NDA?

We sign any NDAs where requested as we understand that confidentiality is your priority.

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