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Android App Development

Chetaru has been delivering cost-efficient, reliable, and customised Android app development services since apps emerged to startups, small businesses, and large companies. Our talented Android app development team has the knowledge and expertise to develop apps that align with your requirements and provide a great experience that your app users will love to boost your exposure and sales.

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Tech savvy Android app developers

We don’t just deliver digital services, we’re passionate about all things digital and that extends to app development too. This specialist area of our experience allows us to build cutting-edge apps that are tailored to your unique business needs. As the number of Android devices and users continues to increase, so does the expectation for sleeker and more efficient apps. We ensure that we meet all the criteria of users that seek apps to improve their day to day life in technology centred ways.

We can help with all your Android application development, whether you wish to bring your own app idea to life or want optimise your app for better brand engagement. From the start of our app development process we work closely with you to create an end product that aligns with your business needs. From conducting in-depth research of your market niche to setting up and deploying your app on the Play Store, our end-to-end Android app development service is tailored to ensure business success in the app world.

Our Android app development service

We set ourselves apart from other app development services not only because of our industry knowledge, but our dedication to building an app that best represents your brand and engages your customers. Here’s what we include as part of our Android app development services:

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Android UI/UX designing

Our UI/UX designers know how to create interactive and uniquely attractive Android UI designs that deliver a user-friendly, engaging experience with every use.

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Custom android app development

We create bespoke Android apps to meet the individual needs of our clients. Our Android app development service helps businesses to step into the app market with an exclusive app to beat competition.

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Android web-based apps

Web applications offer an abundance of features and functionalities to your customers and will build operational efficiency. This type of app is best if you’re seeking to improve the way that you handle sales, and for maintaining a proper communication tool between your businesses and customers. Our experts can create state of the art Android web apps that meet your unique needs.

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App porting

If you’re seeking to port your iOS app to the Android platform, we can assist with this important step. Our quality app porting service allows you to move your app from the app platform to Android. This simple action can vastly increase the audience of your app leading to more engagement with your brand.

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App consultation

For business owners that have a fantastic app idea in mind but aren’t sure how best to implement it or go about achieving results, you need Chetaru’s app development team. Our app experts are available for a full consultation and can advise which services will sit your needs best. We always have a solution for every business that turns to us and we’re committed to delivering results that grow and evolve your brand.

Every industry can benefit from a bespoke app

Our team of experts have been developing native Android apps for different industry verticals inclusive of health & fitness, entertainment, banking & finance, education & learning, and many more. Through our various industries and businesses we have built expertise across various types of apps regardless of complexity.

In fact, this cross-industry experience allows us to proudly present ourselves as an adaptable service. The android apps that we build include:

  • Social media and chat apps
  • Camera and photo editing apps
  • Health & fitness apps
  • Education and knowledge apps
  • Retail and mobile commerce apps
  • Video, entertainment and live streaming apps
  • Travel apps
  • Enterprise apps

Why Chetaru for Android app development?

There are many app development services out there, but not all are powered by a team of experts. With Chetaru you’ll benefit from a custom app that meets the needs of your business and ensures that your brand gets the attention it deserves. Here’s what you’ll receive when choosing our Android app development services:

highly skilled android app development team

A highly skilled expert team

Our Android app development team is highly experienced with years of experience and make it their goal to stay up to date with the latest technological trends. We have complete know-how to ensure a smooth process from start to finish and we’re always deploying the latest Android development techniques. As a result, we have satisfied clients across the globe.

high quality android app development for your business

Highest quality standards

Don’t just take our word for how brilliant our apps are. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that we dedicate our time to testing all of the custom Android apps that we’re requested to build. We ensure to deliver the best possible final product to our clients, and don’t let anything stop us.

in-house android app development team

In-house Android development team

With a team of experienced and talented app designers at Chetaru, we’re able to guarantee real results. By using the most up to date technology and a robusta solution for your business, we meet expectations and beyond for all of our customers.

increase maximum enagagement with andoid app development.

Maximum engagement

Our team is able to design and develop Android apps that are highly interactive and fully focussed on user experience. The end result is an app that keeps users engaged for as long as possible and positively promotes your services and products.

support and maintenance in android app development

Support and maintenance

After your new app has been made live on app stores, we offer you the support needed to ensure that all queries are solved. This fixed period of time ensures you can get to grips with your new app and keep your customers happy.

aglie approach in android app development

Agile process

We choose to use an agile approach when developing your Android app, to ensure perfection. This means you won’t see any glitches whatsoever across performance or design.

Our technology stack for Android app development


We use Java programming to develop all types of applications. This popular programming language ensures a powerful end product and can be used to build flawless apps. The app development team at Chetaru are experts in Java.


JSON also known as JavaScript Object Notation is a programming language that’s used as human-readable text to transmit data. Primarily used to send data between a server and web application, we use JSON as part of our app development process.


XML is an independent software and hardware tool used for storing and transferring data in designing. It can be used to create information formats and to share structured data electronically via corporate networks or the public internet. Our team uses XML when writing apps for our clients.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and is mostly used as a programming language for creating web pages and web apps. Together with JavaScript and cascading style sheets (CSS), it makes a triad of cornerstone technologies for the world wide web.

How will an Android app help my business?

In today’s digital world over 3.5 billion people across the globe use smartphones and apps. This large pool of individuals means that you have unprecedented access to potential sales through mobile phone use. By utilising an app for your business you can give your brand the edge it needs, by appealing to users across every platform. Helping to expand your customer base and ensure customer loyalty, mobile applications can increase customer satisfaction all round. Here are some examples of how your business will benefit:

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With the average mobile phone user spending at least 2 hours a day of their time on their screens, with an app you’ll be visible on an icon and subconscious level to potential customers.

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Direct marketing

One huge benefit of having an Android app is that all the information about your business will be presented clearly to customers. This includes sales, promotions, and more right at their fingertips for maximum convenience.

iOS App to add Value

Provide value

With an Android app you’ll get to customise the ways in which your customers will benefit from downloading the app too. Many businesses choose to use a customer loyalty scheme which in turn results in more downloads and more customers.

social media attracts new customers

Build brand recognition

Mobile apps can contribute to brand recognition significantly. You can design an app so that it is packed full of features your audience and customers will love as well as ensuring that your services and products are known.

social media helps to reach potential customers.

Better customer engagement

Your customers rely on open channels in which they can communicate with your business. An Android app can better allow communication and add a more human touch.


How much will it cost to build my Android app?

The cost of developing an Android app will vary depending on its functionality, the app type, complexity, features, and other wider aspects. We ensure complete transparency when working with our clients. To give an exact quote we request that you fill in the form with your details and a member of the team will be in touch.

How long will it take to create my Android app?

We aim to build apps quickly as we know just how important they are for many businesses. The time it takes to build an Android app will vary dependent on the functionality, the number of features, and level of complexity. However, we ensure to meet your deadline if we have all the project details and a complete understanding of your requirements.

Will you provide me with the exact quote for my Android app development?

Yes, we will. We write a detailed project specification and then give you a fixed-price quote for developing an Android app.

Will I own the source code of the app?

Yes, you will be provided with proper licence rights or copyright for the code that we write for your Android app.

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