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Founded in India in 2010, Chetaru has gone from strength to strength. We are now a team of over 30, all dedicated to getting the most out of online activity for our clients. Even though we have recently expanded to the UK we have managed to maintain competitive prices as we stay strong to our Indian heritage and understand how to distribute work effectively to maintain streamlined costs for our clients, whilst delivering high quality results.

From our offices in the North East of England and Central India, we deliver fresh, creative and results driven solutions for our clients. We specialise in Web Design, Mobile App development, CRMs and SEO.

Trish M Fashions

Trish M Fashions is the latest business started by US entrepreneur Trish Morrissette. Specialising in women’s fashion with a unique twist for women of any size, Trish M Fashions is destined to be a trendsetter in the fashion world

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You Charter Direct

YouCharterDirect is an established yacht charter company with years of experience in the yachting industry.

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Proplenish is Australia's leading Marine Collagen Supplement addressing the signs of aging. Proplesnish believes in the concept of Beauty from within for glowing skin, hair, and nails.

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Our Blog

July 24, 2017
IoT devices and Hacking in the near future

We live in a world that’s getting smaller and smaller due to technology and globalisation. Over the years, we’ve seen a new concept take effect in consumer electronics, vehicles and buildings: the Internet of Things. In essence, the IoT...

smartphones changed world
July 14, 2017
How Smartphones have changed the World

With new technology comes rapid change in society: refrigeration, automobiles, aircraft, the Green Revolution, radio and television, computers, email, the World Wide Web. Without these technological advances, the world would’ve likely not evolved past the mid-19 th Century politically,...

July 10, 2017
Is a Mobile App good for your business?

For most small businesses three or four years ago, getting a mobile app commissioned and built was pie-in-the-sky thinking – something that wouldn’t happen unless the owner was particularly ambitious. Even if they had the money for it, developing...

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