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At Chetaru, we call ourselves Chetaruvians. We take pride in being experts at what we do and a part of this involves helping businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small, medium, or large scale business we offer a range of bespoke digital marketing solutions and services to meet your goals. Here’s how we do it.

Outsourced Digital Marketing

Outsourcing your brand’s digital marketing is a no brainer. Our passionate, dedicated, and experienced UK team have the skills needed to drive your brand to success so that your team can get busy doing what they do best. Not only will you benefit financially from outsourcing but you’ll have access to our digital marketing team. We’re a talented bunch with a determination to be the best at what we do. Still not sure about whether outsourcing is for you? Read on to learn about the complete benefits.

Dedicated Digital Marketing Agency

We're here, always

Chetaru is on your side. We’re dedicated to attaining your digital marketing goals and we’ll put the legwork in so that you don’t have to worry about filling the gaps in your business’ team.

Bespoke Online Marketing Service Strategies

We're experts

We know the ins and outs of digital marketing and call ourselves experts. Because that’s what we are. We research, create, and implement bespoke digital marketing strategies for all types of businesses and they work.

Adavance Approach Online Marketing Services

We provide outside insight

We provide insights you may never have noticed before. You’ll benefit from new perspectives as to how to approach marketing for your brand.

Digital Marketing Company Uk
Cost Effextive Online Marketing Services

We ensure return on investment

When you invest in our marketing services you’ll get the results you paid for and more.

Focused Digital Marketing Agency

We reduce your workload

We take care of creating digital marketing strategies that bring success while you can focus on other business needs.

Bespoke Cost Effextive Online Marketing Services

We use the latest technology

We use the latest and most innovative technology to build a bespoke website or app to benefit your business.

Technical Meets Creative

Digital marketing requires the perfect balance between technical skill application and creativity. Our recipe for success is built upon an equal share of both across our expert UK team to ensure that client goals are met.

We’re both technically and creatively skilled to build powerful brands that stand out from the competition. From bespoke web design to SEO infused copywriting, everything we do focuses on the skills that matter most in the world of digital marketing.


We Share A Results-Driven Ethos

At Chetaru, we don’t just set goals, we focus on results. From the get-go, our marketing bespoke marketing campaigns for brands ensure success, because our team is results-driven. Our upfront approach ensures no complex jargon, we make milestones clear and tell you how they’ll be achieved in clear words. You’ll have access to measurable results and will see the growth of your brand progressively with a clear strategy in place.


Data-Driven Analytics And Analysis

We prepare your brand for success with the detailed insight and data-driven analytics to fully understand the effects of the digital marketing campaigns from the user’s perspective. And, we don’t just swim on the surface, we dive deep to find the information we need. At Chetaru, we pride ourselves on our collective ability to carry out decision making powered by rich data. Our clients trust us to build new digital marketing strategies to succeed in their brands or new emerging brands. We cater to any analytical needs you have, contact our team today for further information to kickstart your campaign.


Structured Digital Marketing Strategies

In today’s digital world, more and more people use the web as a means of finding out information about businesses. Therefore having a structured digital marketing strategy is crucial in achieving success. We’re a leading full-service digital marketing agency in the UK with a proactive approach that delivers results. With both search engine optimisation and a bespoke digital marketing strategy in place, you have the ability to succeed.

Chetaru’s digital marketing services include SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, website design, app development, analytics, user experience, and much more. We work with you to identify which services you need and combine them to deliver a strategy that delivers results.

Why Choose Chetaru?

Chetaru isn’t your standard digital marketing agency. We’re Chetaruvians that aspire to grow, evolve, and connect with all of our clients while helping them to reach their digital marketing goals. Your success matters to us and we simply won’t allow anything less. With us, you can expect a human approach coupled with the best digital marketing services. It’s because of this, that we’re different.

Every move on our side is done with determination to empower your business. Your brand will stay ahead in the digital world while reaching all of the milestones in place. With our years of combined experience, we understand and recognise what it takes to bring brands to the top in today’s digital era.

Whatever your needs, we have a bespoke digital solution for you. Build a brand from scratch or strengthen your online presence with Chetauru, all of our services are designed to drive success through increasing leads, revenue, and online visibility.

Are you ready to evolve your brand with us? Let’s have a chat today. Our team in the North East is ready to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

Expert Digital Marketing Solutions In The UK

Let an expert team drive your brand’s success. Our digital marketing solutions combine proven techniques to build power.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Amongst the competition of the billions of other websites out there, it’s important to ensure that yours reaches the top of search engine results.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our tailored ROI oriented paid search marketing campaigns drive traffic and generate leads for your brand in the most cost-effective way. PPC advertising allows you to reach the right audience at the right time to boost sales.

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Social Media Management

56% of us use social media daily. This huge market can be assessed with the right social media strategies. Our specialists devise a social media marketing strategy for your brand that attracts and generates leads.

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Bespoke Website Design

Your website needs to stand out visually. We shape your branding and to ensure that your website is noticed. Our talented team of designers, web developers, and content specialists work together seamlessly to create a flawless website.

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Brands need voices and our copywriting team dedicated to words will ensure your brand is heard. Essential for any business, copywriting promotes your business and creates a recognisable tone of voice.

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We're Different, We're Chetruvians

Bored of the same corporate approaches? We are too. That’s why at Chetaru we’ve developed a results-driven ethos without minimising the need for human connection. With a grow, evolve, and connect motto, our approach to digital marketing still encompasses all the technical and creative skills needed, while being personable. Here’s how we differentiate from other digital marketing agencies in the UK:

Long Term Success Online Marketing Services

Committed to your success

At the forefront of what we do, success is key. Both in our own work and the long-term success of your brand. We’re on your side from day one and work tirelessly to ensure we deliver the results we’ve promised. Chetaru believes that the best way to grow as a business is to do so alongside yours. Our digital marketing strategies are implemented to make a difference in progressive steps. We begin by taking the time to connect with and understand your business to implement bespoke strategies that work for you.

Traffic Driven Online Marketing Services

Human And Transparent

Transparency is important to the team at Chetaru and between our clients too. We talk to you like humans, because that’s what we are. You’ll always be clear on where you stand and the steps that are being taken to reach your digital marketing goals. In addition to this, we offer a range of tools that allow you to track progress and have full transparency over what our team is doing and the positive changes for your brand.

Digital Marketing Agency For Best Results

Technical Skill And Creativity

Technical and creative skills are both useful. When paired, they have the ability to transform brands into powerhouses. Chetaruvians balance technical prowess with creative thinking to bring about the best results in the world of digital marketing. We consistently invest in bettering ourselves through hands-on learning, learning from one another, and the ever-evolving digital world we live in.

Local Brand Awareness Digital Marketing Agency

We Invest In Our People

Our talented team based in Darlington UK has an impressive skill set between them, however, we’re always investing in our skills. Providing training and support, management at Chetaru ensures that every team member can be the best they can be. This extends to the wider industry too, as we work with local businesses and educational institutions for the next generation of digital marketers to emerge powerfully.

Ready For Success?

Chetaru wants to drive your brand to success through our digital marketing solutions. Every marketing strategy we implement follows our process of connect, evolve, and grow. We implement proven techniques to drive traffic, boost conversion rates, and increase your brand’s visibility. Contact our team in Darlington today to embark upon your pathway to digital marketing success.

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